Practicing creativity

I try to revisit this article every couple of months to keep these practices top-of-mind. The 20 methods listed here are really just 20 different manifestations of one concept. That concept is that creativity is the result, mainly, of gathering lots of information, and then reviewing it from many different angles, and refining it until you get new insights, ideas, and answers.

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Here’s a summary of the article from the author himself:

See, planners love to talk process. Rarely do we discuss practice.

I’m talking about those small, simple, surprisingly enriching habits we can do to help us operate better as creative people. Routines we can return to and repeat, over time, in order to compound our creativity. Interests and skills that can prevent us from devolving into lifeless robots.

– Doug Kleeman

Simple, repeatable habits that result in increased creativity/effectiveness – doesn’t get better than that.

Spiral Dynamics

I don’t remember where I came across this article, but it details a framework for understanding other people’s value systems and worldview.

Link to article.

There are some really good distinctions in the article, such as clarifying the difference between how people think about things, and the things people think about. For example, two people can hold completely opposing beliefs, but they are thinking about those beliefs in the exact same way – making them much more similar than they may first appear.