An ever-growing list of everything I want to buy or have already purchased. 

  • Top of my list is an electric skateboard, and so far I’m not sure anyone can beat the Boosted Board.
  • I’m extremely interested in both eccentric furniture and meditation, and fully intend to have several of these chairs someday.
  • I’m not really sure if I want this exact product, but in general, the idea of glasses with software and HUD integrated is high on my list of “things I will buy one day”. Since I’m blind as a bat, I’ll always need glasses – may as well make them extra useful.
  • Barefoot style footwear (sometimes called zero drop shoes,) is the only footwear I wear. While Feiyue shoes are my “go to”, someday I hope to afford these fancy leather barefoot style shoes.
  • DeLoreans are just classy. Will I ever buy one? No. But I will watch this video 500 times.
  • I don’t have a good link, but in the interest of reminding myself about this later, I want a Japanese style tabletop grill.
  • I’ve wanted to purchase a weighted blanket for a while now. Sounds fab, especially for winter time!
  • An acquaintance of mine became a very successful freelancer and launched this online course sharing what he learned. Leaving this on the back-burner to purchase in the future.

Things I’ve already bought:

  • I purchased a pair of these Fjällräven Vidda Pro pants for my trip to Iceland. I haven’t given them extensive wear yet, but I wore them the full 10 days I was in Iceland and so far am immensely satisfied with them.
  • I’ve been wearing these Sherpa Adventure hats for a couple years now, and they are hands down my favorite winter hat.
  • As a frequent traveler, my Tortuga backpack has been a lifesaver. 10/10 would recommend.
  • While it’s sometimes difficult to find a link, Feiyue martial arts shoes are my go-to shoe. There are a couple of off-brands, but for best results look for the shoes with the red circle on the sole, as opposed to the green triangle. There’s also a website, but those are extremely overpriced – typically you shouldn’t be paying more than $40USD for a pair (including shipping). 

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